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Studio 27

  • Created a full-featured commercial photography studio from the ground up including design, branding, & build-out.
  • Utilized lighting, backgrounds and portable equipment to provide photography services to clients in and out of studio.
  • Oversaw the studio process for all products from styling, through photography.
  • Made sure that all projects were resourced accurately, making maximum use of the equipment and facilities available.
  • Engineered expansion plans to ensure the studio’s continued success.
  • Operational management of full teams including photographers, hair stylists, apparel designers and photo assistants.

Brannon Evocative Images

  • Photographed high-quality images for both print and distribution.
  • Shot and edited regional billboard campaign for Goodwill Industries and The Russel Agency (Ad Agency).
  • Shot photos in controlled and remote environments, with both strobes and natural light.
  • Designed complete shoot concepts, selecting and altering all elements such as backdrops, lighting and props.
  • Planned, prepared for on-location and studio shoots and utilized all necessary photographic assets and equipment.
  • Experienced in taking high-end fine art portraiture.
  • Skilled at photographing tricky subject matter such as dance and movement.
  • Copious experience editing images with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Release Musiq

  • Conceived and designed overall label concept, mission and branding, also executed all necessary tasks to trademark.
  • Responsible for creating all visual elements including concept art, logos, album cover art, branding and merchandise.
  • Dealt with all digital marketing and acted as liaison with distribution agency and promo companies.
  • Handled all (A&R) responsibilities dealing with signing new talent and various signed artists on the label.
  • Created all visual assets and design for promotional web content, social media content and managed online presence.
  • Handled all contract agreements and dealt with lawyers to avoid copyright infringement or any other legal issues.
  • Curated an extensive catalog of music releases.

Stoik mtb

  • Managed all aspects from pre- through post-production, including shooting, editing, sound mixing, color correction.
  • Creative Manager responsible for creating a consistent output of video content for a steady programming calendar.
  • Created and designed all branded merchandise for online sales promotion.
  • Manages content effectively across multiple social media platforms adhering to production schedules.
  • Consistently maintains a strong online portfolio that includes examples of work.
  • Experienced with using Final Cut Pro X and Ableton Live for video editing and audio mix-downs.
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