A Portfolio of my various photographic works.

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About the Artist

Dathan Brannon is more than a photographer. His professional journey as a ballet dancer, a visual artist and a music performer in New York forged an authentic, multidisciplinary aesthetic fueled by his intimacy and passion for the subject.

His work reveals his familiarity with the emotive powers of each gesture’s line and gesture, and the feelings that lighting and environment can evoke within the viewer.
A Brief History

Dathan began his journey in high school as a lighting designer at the North Carolina School of the Arts, and he majored in multimedia and visual art. After graduation, he held a position as lead designer at a modern furniture design gallery in Soho, NYC. His many days working in Soho have given his work a polish and sophistication that’s only possible well… in Soho.It was in these remarkable circumstances that he increased his understanding of lighting design and learned the rigorous attention to detail that only a major opera company can bring to life.

Here and Now

The simplest moments contain inherent emotional content. Each image is a mini story that sparks the imagination and invites the viewer in to write the sequel.

This is photographic work that speaks to the universality of the human experience. His imagery painstakingly explores the relationship between our human paradigms and archetypes — and the thematic variations that emerge from these age-old interactions between all of us.

It is with great curiosity that Dathan explores these tales that are rooted in the deepest levels of our collective soul; each piece is a shutter-frame summation — a tiny window into the realm of the universal.

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